Getting the message across



As a simultaneous interpreter, I mostly appear at medical/veterinary workshops where one or two speakers provide an in-depth discussion of a particular topic for several days. I specialise in Trauma and Orthopaedics, Pathology, Infectious Diseases, and related areas of medicine.


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I am a freelance interpreter, translator and CELTA certified language teacher. I hold an MA in Education Entrepreneurship from OAMK, an MA in Conference Interpreting and Translation from SCIT, as well as an MD in Primary Care. I am passionate about bridging gaps in professional communication, and this is what I am focused on most of my time.



I translate and review texts, mainly research papers, and submit those for native proofreading. I work with SDL* Trados Studio software, which helps me adjust my translations to my clients' needs.

Skills enhancement


Can you imagine a seemingly obvious course of action fail? If you work as an interpreter, you have probably felt – at least once – an invisible barrier to success. Actually, it is more common than one would think. I help with reviewing the fundamentals and consult on skills enhancement.

Language teaching

I adapted certain interpretation techniques to the needs of professional communication and combined them with abridged rules of grammar to produce a custom-made course. It got the name of Intensive Care of Your English, or ICUEnglish for short. It has been taught since 2015 and is frequently reviewed.


Interdisciplinary communication

by Mikhail Demidov