Getting the message across in interdisciplinary communication

Human and small animal veterinary medicine  



I am a freelance interpreter, translator and CELTA certified language teacher based in St.Petersburg, Russia. I have an MA in Interpretation and Translation, as well as an MD in Primary Care. I am passionate about bridging gaps in professional communication, and this is what I am focused on most of my time. 

Whether in a public speech or in a written article we tend to put our ideas into our own words. The more carried away we get, the more unique and specific our way of speaking becomes. Meanwhile, the more tailored the message is to the audience, the better it will be conveyed.

My job and, indeed, my fascination is to find the proper words for the listeners or readers to make sure that the flavour and the meaning of the original have been delivered in translation, at least in part.

This is only possible with the good command of the subject in question. For this reason I stick to a number of Rules of thumb in my work.